AB Bank – “Profit First” Fixed Deposit

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August 11, 2021
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August 11, 2021
AB Bank Profit First Fixed Deposit

What is “Profit First”?

This is a fixed deposit product which will enable the clients to take the interest of the
intended period at the beginning of the tenure. Highest tenure of the product will be 1 year. This will be a non-cheque account.


Customer can open the account for 03(three)/ 06(six)/ 12 (twelve) months

Profit rate?

  • 3 months – 5.50% (0.50% less than prevailing FDR rate)
  • 6 months – 5.50% (0.50% less than prevailing FDR rate)
  • 12 months – 5.00% (1.00% less than prevailing FDR rate)
  • However, rate will be varied from time to time.

What is Special of this Account?

  • Receive profit at the time of opening the account
  • Support emergency fund requirement
  • Comfort with profit in advance


Allowed, but client (individual and non-individual) will have to maintain link CASA account.

Option of Auto Renewal?

Yes, you can auto renew

Who are eligible?

Any individual or Company either in single or in Joint name (proprietor/ partnership farm/
limited liability company) including the existing clients of the Bank.

Age Limit

It can be opened by all including minors.

Minimum deposit amount

  • Individual: Tk.100,000
  • Non-Individual: Tk.1,000,000

Maximum Amount

No ceiling

Link account mandatory?

  • Individual including Partnership & Proprietorship: Mandatory
  • Non-Individual: Optional

Client disagreed to open CASA account as he intends to park the profit into account of his
1st Blood or any other accounts?


Meaning of Munafa, Profit and Interest

All are same

Tax and Excise Duty?

  • Excise Duty: On Maturity
  • Tax: Immediately on payment of profit.

Loan against Profit First?

Loan facility up to 70% of the deposit amount

Premature encashment

Rate: Generic Savings rate for any unbroken period of 1 month.

Tax: Deducted tax is not refundable.

Death of account holder

  • Nominee will be entitled with the benefit, otherwise, succession certificate will be required.