Who we are

Bank Marker is the largest Banking Information Center in Bangladesh. We are located in Bangladesh and we will always try keep the updated information for our users.

Bank Marker is not affiliated with or endorsed by any financial institute in Bangladesh or anywhere in the universe.

We are only affiliated with the TakaCeter.com , the financial literacy website in Bangla.


Our mission is very clear - provide latest and fully verified financial information about Bangladeshi Banking Industry to our website visitors.

In a world where we are constantly reliant on technology, it's important to know that your information is safe. This is why we have created the Bank marker. We plan to serve as an information hub for future bank consumers, as well as provide free access to quality banking resources from trusted sources.

Our aim is to improve financial stability through the delivery of useful, high-quality resources, best practices and insights about financial topics that matter most to consumers and industry stakeholders.

We provide awesomeness!

Our Future Plan and Roadmap

We are planning to create the best financial resource in Bangladesh. Please check out our future plan and roadmap.
  • December 2021Bank Rate Comparator

    We will create various comparators for our users
    • Credit Card Comparator
    • Loan Comparator
    • Deposit Comparator
  • October 2021All Bank's Informattion

    We will go through the list of Bangladeshi Banks and update their information about loan, deposit, credit cards and offers.
  • August 2021Launch Website

    We Launched our website in August 2021.